The Essential Mattress Shopping Guide

If you are getting the recommended 8 hours of sleep per night as suggested by most medical professionals, then it is true that you will spend one-third of your life in bed. When put into this perspective, it is easy to see how important it is that you get the best mattress you can. Buying a new mattress at a store like Crowley Furniture Mattress Store is a process that should not be taken lightly, since your ability to get a good night’s sleep and ultimately your health depends on it. Here are some important considerations to make when shopping for your new mattress.

Shop at Least Every Decade

Mattresses are not meant to last forever. You may not notice it because you sleep on your mattress every night but your mattress will gradually wear out over time, becoming lumpy in some spots and very thin in other spots. Whether you feel you actually need to or not, you should go shopping for a new mattress at least every 10 years, or as your needs change. You will need a different mattress at least every 10 years because your body will change and require different thicknesses and firmness as you age. If you are ever injured or develop a medical condition, you will need to re-evaluate your mattress needs at these times as well.

Do Your Homework

Next, you need to be sure to do a lot of research on the different types of mattresses that you have to choose from. There are soft, firm, foam, and coil mattresses, and different levels of firmness listed at in each of these categories as well. Each type of mattress will do better for different health conditions that a person might have as well as how you tend to sleep. If you sleep on your side, your back, or your stomach, you will need to consider this when choosing a mattress as well and find out which type will be better for a good night’s sleep.

Think about Your Partner

If you are sharing a bed with your spouse or partner, consider their needs as well. There are some mattresses that will offer different thicknesses on each side of the mattress. Other types such as memory foam mattresses will allow two people to sleep on the bed without one or the other constantly feeling movement from the other side. You also need to make decisions about the size of mattress you need. To save money, you might opt for a queen, but this might be much too small for couples who like to have their own space when they sleep. On the other hand, couples who like to snuggle in close when they sleep can save money by choosing a queen or even a full-sized mattress. When one or both partners are not sleeping well, it can put a lot of strain on a relationship, so it is important for the relationship that you choose a mattress with both of you in mind.

Take It for a Test Drive

You wouldn’t buy a car without test driving it first, and buying a mattress should be no different. When you are out shopping for a mattress, make sure that you give it enough time. You will want to try out each contender for 15 minutes to really get a feel for how it will feel to sleep on it. Try resting on it just how you would when you would sleep on it.